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Goo-ah Salad-a (Episode III) March 30, 2006

Posted by bunryu in Royal Quests.


"As we walked out from the clearing, I soon found myself traversing a long but dark passage. Although the night was dark as pitch, Krish-doo-lah led the way confidently even though I could not see two paces in front of me.

Soon we arrived at a mouth of a cave, and I noticed flickers of light within. We walked into the cavern – I was amazed by the romantic setting laid in front of us. Candles were lit across a wooden table, while layers of gossamer-fabric adorned its surroundings – quite alike a four-poster bed! Krish-doo-lah introduced this subterranean as “Goo-ah Salad-a” and I took a quick assessment of the activities around me. Villagers were being served by a very youthful and energetic group (I wonder what happened to their elders?) and they were sampling a concoction of some local tubers and vegetables. I also heard music being played in the background as the islanders chattered in conversation.

We did not tarry long in that place as Krish-doo-lah signalled us to move on. Instead of returning to the mouth of the cave, we were led further inwards and I realised in bewilderment that this was actually an underpass beneath the ocean. After taking several hundred steps in darkness, we began to hear drums beating from a distance … "

King O III’s reverie was rudely interrupted with a burnt tongue when he shovelled the steaming soup greedily into his mouth …. (to be continued)




1. princess pariareh - April 9, 2006

King O III, why’s there such a delay for episodes IV, V, VI, etc..?

2. Royal Scribe - April 12, 2006

My fair Princess Pariareh, KOIII is humbled by your unwavering support and eagerness for stories of his voyages abroad. However, he begs your kind indulgence to exercise further patience.

As inscribed by SNC (Sze Ngan Chye) in the above parchment…the Kingdom of Royal Myrrh is currently observing Lent and activities are abuzz in preparation for Good Friday and Easter Sunday celebration.

3. gabrielswordfish - August 2, 2006

hey!! pretty cool!!! I really am in awe of ur creative ability!!! i cant think like dat for my life!!!! Fiction is jus not my cup of tea!!
Keep up the good work!!


4. morrowbowman55179 - April 8, 2016

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