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Jarree-Jarree Island (Episode II) March 21, 2006

Posted by bunryu in Royal Quests.


As King O III dug into the inviting carrot and leek soup (apparently prepared from Sir Kilnery’s renowned kitchens), his mind drifted back to his little adventure … 

“Krish-doo-lah led me to a little pier where we got into a boat which he called “Sam Penn”. He paddled effortlessly to another island and as we drew near to shore, he shouted repeatedly – “Jarree Jarree”. We stepped onto shore of the island which I will now refer to as Jarree Jarree Island.

Advancing only a few more footsteps, I was shocked to see hung across the swaying palms – these grotesque looking, swollen, semi-bloated chopped hands and fingers! But there were no signs of blood on them and they were instead pale white and yellowish in colour. Villagers came out to greet us with platters of finger food …no no, I don’t mean chopped up fingers (not that gross!) but rather bite-size morsels of food. I must admit that despite the ambience of the scary-looking hands and fingers above … the food were delightful and charmed the royal tastebuds. But somehow it has a funny effect on me – the hanging bloated fingers started to resemble udders … ready to be milked! 

I later inferred from Krish-doo-lah that this was an annual event for the local tribes … a festival to honour God and to foster closer bonds of fellowship among the tribes living all over the archipelago of islands. “Mar ree, mar ree …” Krish-doo-lah shouted, waving his arm back and forth over his head – he was urging the group of villagers to move on …"




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