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Marooned! (Episode I) March 16, 2006

Posted by bunryu in Royal Quests.

….. King O III turned and laid down dreamily in his chamber. Drago and Yeonix had already left, amused with the stories of the dowagers in the Forbidden City.

With a slanted smirk drawn across His Majesty’s face …. his thoughts flashed back to the enchanting encounter he had during his journey home, a secret escapade which he was not ready to divulge even to his endeared Drago and Yeonix. One wonders why? Maybe it is only human nature desiring a reclusive corner from time to time?

In a ‘whoosh’ … his memory fleeted back to the day when ….

“I found myself lying on a sandy beach and not the comfortable bunk which cradled my slumber on my voyage home from the Forbidden City. The crescent of the moon shone dimly through the gradually moving clouds as a sudden grunting voice exploded above my throbbing head. For a moment, I imagined the privilege of receiving direct divine revelation as our patriarch Moses did, but the unintelligible sounds of “Bang ngoon … Bang ngoon … Two-ann” convinced me otherwise (here I humbly apologise for only being able to repeat sounds that I heard). I was startled by a large pair of eyes – staring piercingly into mine. The eyes belonged to stocky character, his hair cropped short and porcupine-like. He introduced himself as Krish-doo-lah and it was only later that I discovered that he was the caretaker of the islands, given the custody of preserving the well-being and beauty of this haven. 

Sluggishly I sat up and stars exploded behind my eyes. I fell back dazed, trying to stop the spinning inside my head. When I was able to stand on my feet, Krish began rattling and waving his hands, which I could only half-guess what he meant … something about a violent storm and my vessel colliding with the rocky cliff … and bodies being tossed out into the angry waves … I surmised that I was the only survivor.

He then led me inland and soon we arrived at a lane lit by two rows of wooden flaming torches – a dozen on each side. A wooden signboard hung between two palm trees – I could not make any sense of the squiggles on it, but Krish-doo-lah read the sign as “Vale N’ Tinebuff Aesop Rice”. Krish then went in length to explain what it is meant – although I was clueless to what he said but his wave of hands and body gestures spoke a thousand words. I nodded in comprehension and he then signaled me to follow him. Little did I know then of the breath-taking adventure that awaited me …”

King O III was jolted from his thoughts as a female attendant brought in a bowl of hot steaming soup for his meal … (to be continued)



1. Sir Corpulentantaladdie Kilnery - March 24, 2006

Your Majesty, it is I, your long lost portly knight, who upon hearing of your gracious pardon, have fought tooth and nail to release myself from the grip of the evil Kount Kru Ella. I am pleased to report that bothy my rotund figure and my poodle, Ayamasausagedog, whom Your Majesty adores, am in good shape, and in fact, under the imprisonment of the evil Kount, have managed to shed some weight. Albeit 100grams.

Your Majesty’s latest narration and pictures of those glorious lands have titillated my sense of adventure. Like the children of that land of yore, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, I too long to hear more of Your Majesty’s travels. Perchance did Your Majesty stumble across Gulliver’s Lilliput? I dreamily recall my happy days spent in the presence of the miniature queen, as she used a shovel to clean my ears.

I, like the rest of your subjects await with bated breath, to unveil the identites of the mysterious Kris Doo Lah, etc.

2. princess pariareh - March 29, 2006

Is Your Majesty’s blog wilting away like what Principessa Oliva claims hers to be? i am awaiting the sequel of King O3’s mighty stories..

3. Harry See - March 29, 2006

wei, why so long one have to wait!!!!

4. SzeNganChye - March 30, 2006

Haiyo! Phott Thai Lang!…. Ngai Chong Tau Loong Tai Ji …ok!…ok!…cum let my engelish teranselator tok!.. ~ Bumped into Prince Dragano on Sunday. Datuk Onesto, Permaisuri Sorrean, Puteri Oliva, Lady Kelabu dan lain-lain, are in preparation for HRH KO3's next 'Magnificat like' performance -in view of popular demand due to the success of the previous performance. ( Em di tau cheong mark gai gor, chor mai gai hee..sang yit doe em teik harn gey). They are now in final few rounds of rehersals and the schedule is expected to be tight for the week and the next.

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