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Give me your hands, if we be friends, and King O III shall restore amends. March 10, 2006

Posted by bunryu in Royal Decrees.

I would first like to assert that I am not so presumptuous to assume comparability with the Almighty, but the call of justice and righteousness prevails. So while punishment befits a wrong done to a king, grace and mercy are also true qualities of a king. In going into hiding, Sir Kilnery only proved to provoke my anger and consequently a dented ego. For it was never my intention to carve my favoured subject in any grievous manner – some sincere grovelling would have sufficed. But with the recent developments, I am extremely disheartened to witness the turmoil in my kingdom over the inquisition of the elusive Sultana’s identity.

It is with much remorse that I pronounce the following:

1. To the mysterious Sultana – In my ardent pursuit to unveil your identity, I have erringly emulated the footsteps of King David. His lust to claim the beautiful Bathsheba clouded his mind as he sent her rightful companion to his doom. Likewise, my foolish desire to glimpse at your unsurpassed beauty behind the veil has driven my kingdom into disarray. In retrospect and godly fear, I should have remembered that you are the wife of Sultan A’imnotshorif Aisiyorpoin, and not embarked on such folly. Forgive me, my fair lady – I cannot bear that you think ill of me.

2. To my amusing knight Sir Kilnery – I grant my pardon and reinstatement of knighthood. Like King David who pined for his deviant son Absalom, so too I look forward to your return. While David left his son unchecked, to me your self-imposed exile was penitence enough.

3. To my dear Queen of Sorr, Principessa Oliva, Contessa de Range, Princess Pariareh, Cleopatra, Mr & Mrs Harry See, Page Boy, Duke Onesto and non other than the AyamSausageDog – I offer my thanks for being my Jonathans and Nathans throughout this ordeal.

With this said, I shall now guard against such frippery in the future and occupy myself once more on fortifying my castle. I will of course still continue to acquaint my loyal subjects with my quests and voyages. As David penned thoughts in his psalms, I leave you with an ode to conclude my heart-felt missive (though I claim no divine inspiration!).

In Time’s fickle glass, the hours ticked by,
I do find myself reminiscing of days gone by
How weary would journeys of life be,
If not for friends who make the miles easy.

Roses have thorns, and silver fountains mud,
Clouds and eclipses blot both moon and sun,
All men make faults, and even I in this,
Authorising thy trespasses without care.

As every alien pen hath got its use
Whose influence and style
I am most proud to compile
Anonymity – no matter.

As the fair Juliet once said,
“What’s in a name?
That which we call a rose
By any other name
Would still smell as sweet”



1. Harry See - March 13, 2006

wahlau eh!!! your majesty english very the power hoh. Who is Nathan? Is it my old class mate Nathan Selvarajah ah? That fler ah, aitelyu, very good chap lar. Why suddenly so quiet one here? Where is that woman who is posing to be my lawfully wedded wife?

2. SzeNganChye - March 14, 2006

Phott thai lung!..Ni gong mark gai? Lao por jiu law ar?

3. princess pariareh - March 14, 2006

hmm…why is your highness’ kingdom invaded by peasants speaking strange tongues of an oriental dialects?

this princess is indeed touched and honoured to be considered one of your faithful allies..

may K03 continue to rule his kingdom with justice and peace.

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