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Missing March 6, 2006

Posted by bunryu in Royal Decrees.

REWARD: 1,000,000

for information leading to safe return

BONUS: 1.00

if Sir Kilnery is found in vicinity

The Royal Scribes



1. Harry See - March 6, 2006

wah lau eh, wat dis reward for ah? 1 million some more, in what currency leh? rupiah ah? who de dog ah? lau sai la, dog oso can get lost one.

2. Contessa de Range - March 7, 2006

Guards!! Seize the commoner!

3. Mrs Harry See - March 7, 2006

chei, that one not sausage dog also.

4. Harry See - March 7, 2006

Lao Bo, lu chiak pah bo si chor ah? You never properly read ah. Dog was a poodle leh, name only Ayamsausagedog lah. After His Majesty KO3 go and KO your head then only you know leh. Siao chah bor.

5. Page Boy Rigor Mortis - March 7, 2006

Eeeeeeks, who are these perpertrators with foreign tongues? There has been no news of my beloved Lordship. Your Majesty, it is only upon you graciously repealing thine decree that my Lordship has to identify the Sultana that I believe he will emerge from his self imposed exile. Your Majesty, we implore thy help.

6. The Royal Scribes - March 7, 2006

Sir C. Kilnery was last sighted skulking around an abandoned temple in the vicinity of the old mining village Eeppo. The King’s Guards are in hot pursuit.

7. Royal Executioner (retired) Sharr Penaxe - March 7, 2006

What a splendid day this is! Since the practice of beheading was outlawed thirty years, I have been looking forward for this moment! A royal decree arrived this morning instructing the re-servicing and re-oiling of the guillotine – it shall once again display the swiftness and sharpness of its blade in the public eye. Oooh …. what joy to see the glorious days of Queen Mary of Scots and Marie Antoinette revived before the end of my lifetime ….

8. Principessa Oliva - March 9, 2006

where is our princess pariareh, when the objects of her protection and patronage are clearly in canine danger?

9. Principessa Oliva - March 9, 2006

I hope the (Re-Retired) Royal Executioner pays heed to the decree issued by our noble king and puts away that toy of his before anyone else gets hurt.

10. princess pariareh - March 12, 2006

pardon my absence from KO3’s Kingdom for a while.. this patron and protector of the underDOGS has been preoccupied with canine-matters in her own kingdom.. but I have to step in shall there be any abuse to my beloved species.. and i do note the introduction of an intriguing character – a self-labelled sausage dog lurking somewhere in this kingdom..

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