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Dreams of the Red Chamber February 16, 2006

Posted by bunryu in Royal Quests.

 As the folds of darkness gave way to the dawn of first light which ignited and spread its radiance across the kingdom, its gentle rays slowly weaved through the grand curtain of the King’s chamber and rested upon the sleeping countenances of the eager Gano and Yeonix who were lying beside His Majesty…in anxious anticipation for His Highness to continue his story as promised. Stifling a yawn and stretching his arms…Ko3rd turned his head sideways, chuckled and stared in disbelief over the enthusiasm of the two of them.  More... Well!..he Well!…He finally gave in and continued after much persuasion….
His Royal Highness’ concubines, addressed as Dowagers in royal courts, were actually displeased with Ko3rd’s decision to shift over to his new castle after all these years. They were urging and appealing His Majesty not to.  For they fear that Ko3rd’s focus will surely be less or worst – i.e. no longer with the Forbidden Palace. Year after year or at least a decade by now, during festive seasons, whether it is ‘celebration of Spring’ or the celebrations of festivals of other Western or Middle East Nations, he would ensure that the palace be refurbished and redecorated. They feared they would no longer be able to enjoy these royal privileges once His Majesty has relocated.

“Counting the chickens before they hatch” is what the sisters have picked up as a habit over the years. In fact, Ko3rd’s relocation was no hasty move but rather one that has been delayed for at least 3 moons. The sisters also found, to their dismay, that visitations from the King’s favourite Dukes and Duchesses were also severely numbered. In fact it has been overheard (what seems to be deliberate whispers i.e. meant to be heard) that for this year…the dowagers sisters were sadden as most of the renovation took place at “Castle EL D’jerStwain’ . Ahhhh…even the eunuchs and handmaidens felt the quietness during this festive season. Unlike in past years, Ko3rd would travel high & low and regardless how far away the land is, he would relentlessly seek for new and interesting decorative items, new furnishings chest and so forth.

One of the concubines, who knows His Royal Highness’ soft spot connivingly used kO3rd’s favourite pets  namely “Bai SerTzu-er” & “Hei SerNauzer-er” to appeal for him to remain in the Forbidden Palace. It was with a heavy heart that Ko3rd decided that both of his beloved pets will be better off in the good hands of the Dowagers instead of being with him.
In order to appease the Dowagers, KO3rd took to hand to personally arrange two bouquets of flowers ….and the seemingly decadent curtains were given a new lease of life after being shelved away for many moons. Now, the Dowagers were not really envious or bad nature, it is just that, deep down inside they feared for Ko3rd’s safety as the new castle is obviously larger and quieter, susceptible to attacks from war enemies, worried for his food supply etc. Also they are not used to not having Ko3rd’s companionship, especially when not a single concubine will be at his side attending to His unending needs. To ease their minds, the Dowagers travel from time to time to Castle EL D’jerStwain’ to ensure that Ko3rd humble servants carry out their tasks in an orderly manner, ensuring the cleanliness and beauty of the castle.
Ko3rd finally concluded his story with this appeal – “My fellow Kings and Queens, Sultan and Sultanah from my neighbourhood kingdoms, Duke, Duchesss, servant & peasant, be my judge and see for yourself …
Knock, …on Heavenly Golden Dragon Gate and it shall open…….and welcome to the permitted areas of the Forbidden Palace…. is the Forbidden Palace truly being under-cared?                                                                                                                                                                            






1. Sir C. Kilnery - February 17, 2006

Please be mindful that the royal bitches are not turned into soup in the absence of His Imperial Highness, for we recall the ugly episode of the Empress Wu when she cooked the canine to serve to the Mother Abbess of the convent in which she was bullied.

2. Corpulentaladdie Kilnery - February 24, 2006

Where hast the populace vanished unto? And where is the one they call Sultana Prunella, for we so do miss hearing from her. Such a fine missive cannot go untouched, uncommented, much like a fine body cannot go uncaressed, unfelt….. Where is everyone?
Of course, I am being presumptuous in my assumption that Sultana Prunella is indeed of the female gender.

3. princess pariareh - February 26, 2006

Hear ye hear ye, Your Highness. indeed, am awed by such auspicious, bright and fine photos. This princess meanwhile also awaits Your Highness royal comment on her humble blog.. 😉

p.s. so who is this mysterious Sultana Prunella? has she/he vanished in cyberspace or mutated into another identity?

4. Sultana Prunella Aisiyorpoin - March 1, 2006

Ah royal dignitary, the Sultana (I, that is) [Your Excellency may fondly address me as just “Pru”] regrets that she(I) has not been able to show her(my)royal presence as she (I) was trapped in a sandstorm in Rajasthan.

My, if I may say, the rainfall in Rajasthan is now more frequent than the royal scribes’ literature. For this reason I shall now indulge in dhall curry to cure my ennui.

5. The Royal Scribes - March 2, 2006

HRH KO III is immensely relieved to receive news from the Sultana and bids good wishes to her health after the devastating sandstorms of Rajasthan. Indeed, brevity is the soul of wit – the Sultana’s speechless song has left the King a pondering….

Though the blog’s a stage, and all men and women merely players – they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts…..yet it is most unfortunate that His Majesty could not recall thy fair countenance in his mind’s eyes. Perhaps the fair Sultana will tickle his memory of recent acquaintances?

6. Sir C. Kilnery - March 2, 2006

Indeed, Your Royal Highness Sultana Prunella has maintained a most intriguing enigmatic presence upon this blog. Pray do tell, (alas, I am not in the ranks to yet address you as “Pru”, for the nobility and gentry do not address royalty by first names) how was the indulgence of the lentil curry? With such a title as yours, I think the perfect complement would be oatbran. Sultanas, with prunes in oatbran. Have the diluvian waters of Rajasthan receded Your Highness?

7. Contessa de Range - March 3, 2006

Sir Kilnery, thou shouldst concoct a recipe for the Sultana!

8. Sir C. Kilnery - March 3, 2006

Contessa Dahlink, what a splendid suggestion:
Perhaps that might draw HRH the Sultana out of her palace in distant Rajasthan.
1 large embrace
1 large osculation
2 pecks
1 dose of unrequited love

Reveal thyself, fair queen of Rajasthan. Thine humble servant’s is bound to lose his head if he fails to reveal thine identity within 3 sunsets. As the miller’s daughter flirted with peril, when she engaged the services of Rumpeltstiltksin, so too, thine humble servant is very nearly at the precipice…

9. Sir C. Kilnery - March 5, 2006

2 sunsets have now come and gone, and I feel the blade of the guillotine cold against my flesh. Like Ariel, to whom Ursula granted 3 sunsets before which she must secure the Prince’s kiss to ensure her immortality, so too now I am in that precarious place….. But I am no fish, I am a human being with heart, and soul, created in the image of my Maker. I implore thee, O Queen, to reveal thyself, before the wrath of KO3 is unleashed on thy humble servant. SHOW THYSELF!!!!

10. Page Boy Rigor Mortis - March 6, 2006

[Sound of Herald Trumpets]…pappaaaa paaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

Hear Ye Hear Ye. It is with deepest regret that we announce the mysterious disappearance of His Lordship, Sir Corpulentaladdie Cornelius Kilnery. His Lordship was last seen only by view of his obese posterior, while trying to force his way out of the trap door meant for his poodle, Ayamasausagedog.

A bounty, ooops, reward will be given to whosoever may locate His Lordship. The bounty will be in the form of a Bounty bar.

11. Ayamasausagedog - March 6, 2006


12. Kount Krue El A. D'ville - March 6, 2006

Hear zis, mere mortalz!

Zees dalmatian has ceased zeir useful purpose to me, now zat zey have popularized zemselvez zeir fur ees worz not ze fortune zey used to fetch.

But I, Kount Krue El A. D’ville, I am angered wiz ze encroaching ramparts of ze Kastel D’Jer’stwain, I have seen ze increasing number of dignitaries passing through zat ickee drawbridge, I have seen ze numberz in my poochy pen decrease wiz ze intense spotlight on ze neighbouring upstart kingdom! Indeed, I have seen wiz my own monocle, ze patronage of ze Queen of Sorr! Ze noble Queen, whose beauty no ozzer man ees able to appreciate and for whom ze term of endearment dahlink was first claimed by I! I! Eet ees mine to proffer! Not by ze commoner whose claim to nobility ees by mere conferment by ze local monarch!

For all your conspee-racies, I ree-gret zat I have to hatch a plan for ze survival of zees royal line, both of ze blood and of ze fashion. Do not be stymied eef you should fail to locate ze bratwurst, he ees merely ze pawn in ze play.

13. Administrator - March 6, 2006

It has come to my attention that this site has given rise to much anger, strife and envy. The threats of murder, kidnapped dogs and errant knights are indeed too overwhelming for this blog administrator to handle. I would like to implore all dignitaries present to be better behaved in future postings. Thank you.

14. Principessa Oliva di Olio - March 6, 2006

Pray tell, what is a blog? Never in my reign of these slippery alpine slopes have I chanced upon such an item. And what is an administrator? Within the scope of medieval literature I am acquainted with the Squire, the Scribe, the Soothsayer and the Herald. Is an administrator something to eat?

15. Contessa de Range - March 7, 2006

The limelight seems to have been stolen from HRH KO III?

16. Duke Onesto - March 7, 2006

Perchance a blog is one of those vernaculars so distastefully used by the anarchists nowadays, referring to an extraction from one’s nasal cavities – a blooger?

17. Principessa Oliva - March 7, 2006

Aye, tis the doing of that elusive Sultana Prunella whose fair identity appears to be the centre of obsession for the gentlemen. Regale us O King, with tales of royal intrigue! Whither be thy quill?

18. Principessa Oliva - March 2, 2006

Alas, oatbran tickles not the royal tastebuds but pickles the colonial guts.

19. Principessa Oliva - March 9, 2006

That is most onest of thee, Excellency. I say off with the heads, no, noses, of these anarchists, particularly with their chosen mode of communication!

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