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Of Concubines and Forbidden Palace February 13, 2006

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     …..Yet another royal account of His Majesty KO3’s royal expedition by Princess Pheyonixe O’ 2


The Wise Men from the counsel of the great KO3rd, who studied the signs of the stars and moon, confirmed the arrival of the Spring Festival. His Majesty announced a 15-day celebration of merriment and goodwill which culminated to ZhapGoMay, the oriental equivalent of the romantic Valention Festival, in accordance with the calendar of the Kongfoo-tze tribes.

It was exactly on the 13th day of this auspicious festival, as I sat in my chamber staring out at the idyllic scene of the setting crimson sun while enjoying the gentle breeze easing away the sweltering heat of the day, when my eyes chanced upon a distance figure on a stallion trotting across the courtyard. My heart leaped with excitement – could it be my royal brother KO3rd? I jumped off the windowsill and flew off as fast as my little legs could carry me. Run run run, across the hallway, and down the spiral stairways. Turning the corner, there stood my royal brother, KO3rd, in the doorway beside a fatigue-looking stallion. Its once gleaming white silky coat was now brownish in color, a testimony of its trying journey, particularly crossing the scorching and blistering weather of the doomed looking forest and then the desiccated desert of Rajesthan. 

His Majesty had just returned from his visit to his homeland, the Forbidden Palace, which had seen him through some of his glorious as well as calamity-filled days for over the last 3 decades. That was his home before his royal relocation to his newest castle — ‘Castle EL D’jerStwain’. 

As always, I knew His Royal Highness, would soon relay the happenings of his journey outskirt and beyond the EDJs Castle. The ever charming Prince Dragano and I are always His Royal Highness’ high time favorites to listen to his tales, simply because Gano and I have too much respect for Ko3rd to question his actions. Lying down on his treasured and opulently furnished day bed, whilst sipping tea from his choice cup, no doubt a gift from his beloved concubine…hmmp..presumably the 39th concubine who although is not one of ravishing beauty but possesses a charming simplicity and a heart of finest gold. 

However with a distressed face…he murmured gently, absently stroking and curling his fingers around my golden locks but facing the Prince…”My dear little Gano…Lohpoh MerYongLi is very ill… ill at heart it seems. Her sister,.. another of my beloved Lohpoh MerYitLi of 40th (one who is very dedicated to household chores and reputed for her unfailing concern over the unity of the royal family) also echoed the same sentiments…ahh..(sigh!)..hmmp..the goat, monkey, cockerel – 3 Zodiac years have passed.

Memories of my 38th concubine is still fresh. Her misfortune took place during the nightmarish war with the ferocious Khans. Apparently from overdue dehydrated lungs leading to dissipated breathing that was undetected fast enough as everyone was battling to survive. Fortunately, Her Royal Highness was taken away by the Merciful Jehovah.. a blessing in disguise. At this juncture, KO3rd seemed too disheartened to continue.. 

We cajoled His Royal Highness to rest and adjourn to his chamber, with eager anticipation for him to continue his story at the next cockerel crow..






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Hola faretaste

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